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SASCOM featured in Rapport, 'My Tyd' magazine on 2 December 2012, you can read it online:

Click here for a pdf version of the article and a longer version of it appears in the blog by Sybrandus Adema:
Questions and Answers

What are the restrictions and movement of non-nationals?
Answer: There are no "restrictions". We are allowed to go where everybody else is allowed to go. Both men and women can drive cars as long as they have a valid license.

Question: What are the rules and law regarding the use of Alcohol since this is a Muslim country?
Answer: You are not allowed to bring alcohol into Qatar at all. Any item like this in your luggage or container will be confiscated. Alcohol use is restricted to bars and restaurants in hotels. No other restaurants are licensed to sell alcohol.
There is one distributor of alcohol - Qatar Distribution Company, QDC (located near by the Industrial Area, a few hundred meters from the Al Jazeera Academy) and an expatriate must have a permit to be able to purchase liquor. The permit costs QR 1000, which is a refundable deposit. You can only apply for the permit once your RP (Residence Permit) is confirmed. Your employer has to provide a "Letter of no objection" to state that they have no problem with you obtaining this permit. Your permit then has a limited quota for the month and is renewable on an annual basis. Your liquor permit will be issued at QDC in a matter of minutes. The permit only allows the transportation of the liquor between the QDC shop and the permit holder's place of residence. Transport of liquor at any other time is at the permit holder's own risk.
Qatar has a zero tolerance for drinking and driving, it is highly recommended (and responsible) to make use of a lift or taxi when you go out and have a drink.

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  November 2012
Dhow Trip and BBQ Lunch - Friday, 23 November 2012
dhow dhow
dhow Alex dhow
  November 2012
South African Business Forum
Entalek Voucher Winners Congratulations to Peter and David, the lucky winners of the SASCOM Business Forum draw. Thank you to Entalek for sponsoring the mangrove canoe trips.

You can read more about the Entalek Eco Adventures here: .

  October 2012
HALLOWEEN Party - Thursday, 25 October 2012
  October 2012
SASCOM - the way forward and launch of NEW updated website - Monday, 1 October 2012

The Lucky winners of a night for two at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Doha was Koos en Susan Fourie - Congrats!!
Koos en Susan

  March 2011
SASCOM Potjiekos Competition and Market Day - 25 March 2011
Potjiekos Potjiekos
  February 2011
Zikreetly Sheesha outing - 4 February 2011
Zikreet Zikreet
Zikreet Zikreet
Zikreet Zikreet
  May 2010
Dhow Trip - 7 May 2010