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Housing in Qatar


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Questions and Answers

Question: Can you buy property in Doha?
Answer: Yes, but property is very expensive and expats can only buy in certain areas (like the West Bay area and the new Pearl development). Those areas are extremely expensive.

Question: Where is the best areas to stay?
Answer: Doha, and almost everywhere in the Middle East, does not have the distinction between good and better areas as we know in South Africa. Here it is much more of a mixture with brand new villas and older places all in the same area. Housing is more a matter of where it would be most convenient in terms of location of work and school. And of course the price of housing is quite high and therefore one tends to take what you can afford. Compounds (like townhouse complexes) are quite popular with expats as they provide a lot of amenities like pools and sport facilities, but they are also normally a bit more expensive.

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Doha Corniche (c) N. Traut
West Bay skyline, Doha
Housing Options
Housing in Doha has become very expensive, so it is important to shop around and talk to as many people as possible to obtain the best deals. With the 2022 FIFA World Cup awarded to Qatar, Doha is one big construction site! New compounds, houses, villas and apartments are appearing on a daily basis and the skyline of the city is ever changing. So how do you find a place that is right for you and your family?

You can look at the following guidelines:
Option 1: Living in a Compound
Compounds are gated communities that range in size from four to 20 or more villas. Most compounds have a controlled entrance, maintenance staff on site, and offer some recreation - usually in the form of a pool, play area for children, clubhouse for parties, barbecue area and sometimes, tennis courts, squash courts and other recreational facilities. What you gain in amenities however, you lose in privacy. Many compounds do not offer private yards. There are many levels of compounds, from economical to luxury. Make sure you check a number of different ones before you decide.

HousingOption 2: Independent Living
You may opt for renting a separate villa. This option allows you to have a private yard. There are lots of villas available - be sure to check a good selection before deciding on one. Ensure you know what your rent covers - air conditioners are not optional here - you need them (especially in summer), so be sure to negotiate then with your rent (they are very expensive to buy, unless you manage to find second hand ones). Housing

Option 3: Apartments
If you are on a tighter budget and you opt to live in an apartment, you can chose between furnished and unfurnished flats. Although there are more and more apartment buildings and complexes around town, it might be a challenge to find what you are looking for, since most of the owners of those buildings prefer to let them to companies rather than individuals. You can also opt to share your accommodation with someone else to save on living costs.

Rental Agents (for reference only, SASCOM cannot endorse a specific agent) :

Direct Real Estate
Tel: +974 4442-1472

Homes 2 Rent
Tel: +974 4413-4400, +974 4413-4817

Tel: +974 5580-2660

NelsonPark Property LLC
Tel: +974 5551-7567

Real Estate Specialists
Suite 20, 5th floor Al Rayyan Complex
Tel: +974 4436-3990, Fax: +974 4436-3995

The Specialists
Tel: +974 4436-3990

XPO Real Estate
1st floor, Gulf Cinema Office Building, C Ring Road, Doha
Tel: +974 4442-6977, +974 4437-0925
Fax: +974 4431-0476,