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Contact SASCOM

To get in touch with SASCOM Qatar, simply send an email to:

Click here for details of the South African Embassy in Qatar.
We are using this website and our Facebook Groups as our main source of communication.

Please join our Facebook Groups, "SASCOM Qatar” and "SA Ladies in Qatar" as soon as possible to avoid potential communication gaps. You can also join "South Africans in Qatar", a group who arranges regular informal social events. Click here for join instructions.
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QuestionnaireCommunity Questionnaire

Dear friends,

A group of us, your fellow South Africans, think there is an opportunity to re-energise SASCOM and find ways to improve shared information via an upgraded website and linked social media. This can assist in problem solving, sharing social plans and better connect us all as a community. There is also a plan to start a business forum and linked initiatives, but more about this later.

To make all this happen, a workgroup of volunteers are working on some initiatives that we would like to share with you all. However before doing this, we would like to gather some information from you as to what you see as being the most valuable way SASCOM can serve you.

We are sending out this note to ask you to contribute by simply filling out the attached questionnaire (found in the files section of the Facebook groups). After this, we plan to offer you some feedback and a considered way forward. Our view is that a constitution (serving as a guideline) is needed and we are willing to work on a draft for approval.

We look forward to hearing from you and rely on your continued support and suggestions, including any of you who would like to become more involved, just let us know. Please send your replies to

Many thanks and kind regards,
The SASCOM Workgroup

PS - Please spread the word amongst your friends, we would like as much feedback as possible.

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For the purpose of sharing information concerning Social Events with you, we need the following information for our database emailed to : Contact

- Name & Surname:
- email address (preferably NOT hotmail addresses):
- Alternative email address (if applicable):
- Contact telephone number:
- Alternative contact telephone or mobile number:

You can also include:
- Spouse's name:
- Children's names and ages (if living in Qatar):

Please note that the above information is confidential and will NOT be shared with ANYONE without your permission.